Injustice League

So, one day on the train I was thinking about what the most painful feeling in the world must be. After quickly discarding much of reality, I landed on Superman. The strongest "man" "alive", and then combined that with the precious act of a nut shot. Realizing how painful this fictional scenario would be I decided to do a little sketch in my 4"x6" sketchbook that I had with me. Since then I kept landing upon the image when I'd flip through my old pages. So then I decided that I may as well devote a little time to fully realizing this action and came up with this poor kid who seems to have just simply been waiting for the bus, when all of a sudden Superman arrives only to deliver a swift kick to the balls and then proceeds to laugh at the child's pain. All I could think is, "Superman's a dick", which pretty much sums up the reason Batman will always be way cooler. While Batman may be a bit emo, at least he's not a bro like Superman. Jerk.

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Bea Modisett said...

I like the look on the face of the kid "protecting himself" in the background.