Shark Kid

Character design I did around Halloween this year while I was doing some comics for the Weeklydig magazine of Boston. Initially it was to be in black and white only, but I really liked how it was coming along, so I thought I may as well do a color study as well; glad I did.

The Shills Album Art

A series of illustrations I recently did for a Boston based band called The Shills. The title of the album is "Keep Your Hands Busy" and will be released as two separate eps later this year.

IPhone of the Apes


Short comic spurred by a dialogue regarding Conan, which may have been spurred by the recent movie's incessant need to have yelling. I felt that this was a more clear representation of what might really cause Conan to yell. (Color version soon to come)

NOGO Design

Character design for a robot that shall be a main playing figure in an upcoming comic I am working on. Stay tuned; there will be a blog and site to follow!

Columbus the Zombie Barbarian

New prints including this one recently posted at;

Hulk & Wolverine Redesigns

Redesigns of two very loved and classic characters.

Guilt Gallery Show, Boston

I'm having a gallery show at the Guilt Night Club in Boston, MA. There will be an unveiling of pieces I've not shown yet. All the details can be found here;
Be sure to purchase your tickets prior to the show so by selecting the artist at the top right of the page. I'd love to see you all there! Thank you for the support.


Caricature of Robert Patterson and Kristen Stewart from Twilight. It was for a comic I am doing weekly for the Weeklydig called "Get A Real Job"

The Witches

Redesign of the classic Roald Dahl children's book, The Witches.

Hands for Custom Made

These are two of the 5 hands I developed for They are to coincide with the feel of customization and the act of working personally with creators in order to craft exactly what you desire. To check out the site as well as see the final illustration complimented within the proper context, please visit

Toy Queen

Here is the final Toy Queen.

Toy Queen Study

Here is a study I did in my sketchbook for a client who wanted a logo for his wife's site, which reviews toys and children's products. As you can see there's a sketch below the tracing paper that has the inked lines on it. That allows me to do a detailed sketch of her facial features and then simplify them with one or two lines when the inking stage comes. I have a final version of this done and I will post it as soon as my client gives the word that it's to their satisfaction.

Tree Study

A quick study I did of a tree I found in the Prudential while waiting for my friend to show up.