Final Project (Illustration 4): Stage 1

This is the first piece in my final project. They all have to do based upon a selected article, and this one had to do with the sex, obviously. I also intended for it to be used in other fashions, such as trinkets, t-shirts, what have you. I had been wanting to do a pin up for quite some time and this assignment allowed for me to do so. I really enjoyed it, so there will be more of where that came from. I noticed that most pin ups didn't directly illustrate a scene or even narrate a thing besides the depiction of a semi clothed female. I wished to break this barrier and create an entire environment for the girl to be a part of while ultimately retaining the main focal point being on her. 

Next up is Bob Dylan; an image to coincide with the most recent album review. 


Jeff said...

The color's working out great on this one to support the diagonal composition/movement. The only 2 spots I'm a little iffy on would be the gradient in the hair - while it does add an extra layer of involvement having it gradiate to that gray on the bottom makes it fall a little flat. The other spot is the brown/tan hair on the girl in the right hand side of the picture draws a lot of attention and pulls you out've the composition.

The warms against that cool blue palette's working really really well though and the open sign throwing off the compliment is fantastic and that redish/pink is perfect.

Awesome work, man!

joannamatuck said...

i laugh hard everytime i see this, especially with the old logan in the backround! hahaha- a beard is a must have!